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Bodies at Rest

Bodies at Rest Statement


A weaving employs a system of intersections creating a gridded network using two divergent parts: the warp and the weft. For our exhibition, Bodies at Rest, we will use the columns as a loom. Blue cargo straps and brightly colored mason’s line stacking 10 feet high and suspended 35 feet wide create a horizontal “warp” within the lobby at Brooklyn Commons. Woven within the brightly colored “warp” will be tall brass sheets, bold and reflective. The brass will balance off the floor utilizing the gridded network to support their weight. 


In this work we use materials associated with construction, hauling and architecture, to radically reevaluate perceptions of intimacy, vulnerability, and strength. The materials within this sculpture become avatars of our bodies and create an evidence of the physical, mental, and emotional effort that is required to make our sculptures collaboratively. These are our feminist gestures supporting growth and potentiality, allowing each posture to teach and to be remembered.


The movement required in the building of this sculpture (warping the columns and weaving the brass weft materials) are the cornerstone of this project and become a live installation; a choreography of repeated movements accumulating, building, and weaving together in an effort to demarcate space. From the live installation of this sculpture a short video will be recorded and available for marketing and promotion. After the event of the installation, the sculpture will live on embodying the movements of its building, recording the intersecting parts and holding space for the strength and support of its gestures.

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