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Woven Walls

June 6th to July 26th, 2019

Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, NY

Paolo Arao

Carly Glovinski

Crystal Gregory

Elana Herzog

Tamara Kostianovsky

Morgan Lehman is very pleased to present Woven Walls, a summer group exhibition featuring five artists whose unique practices mine the historical, material, and imagistic possibilities of textiles. The artworks on display occupy a range of formats including painting, sculpture, and installation, and utilize notions of the textile as both a source of inspiration and a generative tool for expanding the vocabulary of contemporary art. Here, dyed fabric is deployed like paint and becomes a means to channel color; patterns provide a framework for abstract compositional strategies; discarded garments become the building blocks of three-dimensional structures; weaving serves as a process of construction and material transformation; and the sociopolitical weight of the textile tradition initiates a conversation about human labor, sexual politics, and freedom.


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