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Soft Dedication

December 14 - February 16 LocHal, Tilburg, NL

An exhibition about art and textile Inner peace, harmony and happiness: terms that are often mentioned when you ask craftsmen about their experiences while working. There is very little that gives the same inner peace and harmony as needlework. It is contagious, addictive and connecting. Textile techniques are still passed on from generation to generation. Contemporary artists weave, crochet, sew, knit and embroider. It is currently (again) a trend. Kunstloc Brabant invited the artists Marjan van der Heijden (1992) and Cécile Verwaaijen (1968) to show their love for this material in an exhibition. In addition to showing their own work, they chose artists who, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a wink, enter into a dialogue with the craft: Marloes Vreeswijk (NL); Crystal Gregory (US), Elke Lutgerink (NL) and Barbara Polderman (NL).


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