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Interwoven: Joan Snyder, Judy Ledgerwood, Crystal Gregory

September 14th to December 8th

The UK Art Museum, Lexington, KY

This exhibition features work by three distinct artists whose diverse paintings and sculptures share a deep engagement with materials and process, formal concerns, and expressive gesture.

A groundbreaker in the feminist art movement of the 1960s and 70s, Snyder has created a rich visual language that combines rhythmic, impastoed mark making, flower and plant imagery, and diaristic language. Ledgerwood’s canvases and large wall paintings mine various ornamental and craft traditions, confidently using metallic paints and vivid colors that are linked to home décor and female sexuality, and repeated forms that acknowledge the history of patterned quilts and bedspreads. Gregory, an assistant professor in fiber arts in the UK School of Art and Visual Studies, produces traditional weavings that she embeds in cement or alters with cast metals, exploring the gap between object and installation, strength and pliability.

Interwoven explores how art conditions once derided as “too personal” or “decorative” can be reclaimed by thoughtful practitioners into powerful affirmations of being.

Judy Ledgerwood, Pretty Monster, 2015, oil and metallic oil on canvas. Courtesy of Tracey Williams Ltd. NYC.


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